Evander Kane Deal, the aftermath

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  1. Joe says:

    I dunno, Myers and Bogo are pretty similar…

    as per Mathew Coller from WGR 550

    “Since 2011-12, Bogosian and Myers are both negative Relative Corsi players. Almost identical, actually at -1.4 Myers -1.5 Bogo”
    “Myers has had fewer Ozone starts, but Bogo has played tougher competition by a hair since 11-12. They’re eerily similar in stats”
    “Bogosian has slightly more points per 60 minutes at 0.9 vs. Myers’ 0.6. Seriously, it’s incredible how similar these two are”

    1. Thanks for the reply Joe,

      I am not comparing the two defensemen in terms of statistics or current performance. My analysis is based off of how I predict the two be the future d-men. I feel Myers will be the better blueliner. I also think if you give Myers a solid supporting cast, his numbers won’t be as crappy as they have.

      1. Al W says:

        I’m not sure I understand your logic in narrowing this trade down to Myers for Bogosian… based on that logic you are saying we traded Stafford, a very late first round pick and two prospects (one who has not been able to find his way on to an awful NHL club in his 3rd or 4th season out of the draft) for Evander Kane – you can be sure that Winnipeg was offered better for Kane and that they would have laughed at Murray if that were the offer. Tim Murray probably agrees that Tyler Myers has more potential in the long run but we are stacked with potential on D and do not have a Kane anywhere in our organization right now. Murray did what he had to do to get the player he wanted out of the deal and I applaud him for that… McDavid/Eichel between Kane and Hodgson, reinhart between Moulson and Ennis, Girgensons between Foligno and Grigorenko… that’s how I want my GM thinking about the future, not who can have the highest rated farm system for the next 5 years.

        1. Hi Al thanks for the comment,

          You are correct, I am breaking the trade down into two parts.
          One being the d-man swap. I just have a tough time giving up Tyler, but it might be best for him to have a fresh start in a new city.

          The Second part of the trade, you can’t be that sure about Winnipeg being offered better than an Stafford, who is a very dependable 2nd line forward, a 2014 2nd round pick,( that should’ve been a 1st) a 2011 16th overall pick (21 years old)
          Saying Armia couldn’t crack the roster isn’t fair because some players take longer to develop. He is still young, and it was known he would compete for a roster spot next year.

          My issue isn’t with the prospects, pick traded or Stafford. Its me as a fan, being unbiased, and unwilling to let go of Tyler Myers.

          I am looking forward to the roster, i do have an issue with grouping Hodgson into the mix, I have a feeling he will be bought out at the end of the season. He looks horrible.

  2. Al W says:

    I just can’t agree on the value you are trying to build into the package we sent outside of Myers… calling Drew Stafford a very dependable 2nd liner is a huge strethe and anyone who has watched him over his career in Buffalo can attest to that. If you want to go off of draft positions, Kane is a 4th overall and Bogosian a 3rd… everyone in this trade is young enough that they are still developing. I can go either way with Hodgson… agreed he looks horrible this year but he is young and on a team that everyone knows is built to lose this year… I would be OK with him getting another year with a new coach and fresh start With a team not looking for the top draft pick… I would also be ok with Murray moving him to get something he believes will make us better. I personally believe Myers could be a stud one day with the right surrounding cast and a mean streak developed over time (maybe Winnepeg), but I also love having a GM who isn’t caught up in winning or losing the trade… he paid what he had to pay to get the player he wanted (who is truly who we traded myers for… he doesn’t give up Myers unless he is getting kane…) Darcy never risked losing a trade and that didn’t work out too well for us… I say both teams end up happy

  3. tortoise40 says:

    After reading and listening to dozens of analyses of this trade, I’ve come to the conclusion it is impossible to describe Tyler Myers’ value without using the word “potential” – despite the fact that this is his SIXTH season in the league.

    Jury’s still out (I guess) but at some point we may all come to the conclusion that he’s a huge man that skates well who it just average at playing hockey.

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