Knuckle Puck V2.0- Now Available in the App Store!

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Knuckles was on his way to play hockey with his forest friends at the local pond.
He was interrupted by an onslaught of hunters invading his forest!  The hunters are causing all the elk in the forest to stampede.  Join Knuckles in his quest to rid his forest home of hunters and stampeding elk!

Knuckles only has his hockey stick and one puck to start.  Additional pucks and skills can be purchased in the store.

Level 2 is unlocked when the timer reaches 50!  Knuckles then takes it to the streets!



Jump by tapping the left side of your screen.

Hit Pucks/Throw Sticks by tapping the right side of your screen.


When you first start the game Knuckles isn’t very strong.  Jumping and hitting the puck is very effective.

Level 2: Cars can be destroyed with 3 hits

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